CoCoast Project and Training Day @University of Hull -Scarborough Campus, 2.12.2016

I registered as a volunteer for the Capturing our Coast project, and took part in the training day at the beginning of December 2016. Upon completion I was awarded a diploma for being a Trained Citizen Scientist, and given a package of creatures to survey and become most familiar with. I was also given equipment to undertake these surveys and instructions on how to upload my findings onto the database.

This training is relevant and useful to my research when undertaking fieldwork, as it has made me more aware of the creature inhabiting the intertidal zone, it has given me on-field experience with trained scientists in the identification and handling of marine wildlife and laboratory experience as well.

The project is running for three more years, and I plan to stay involved in the project at least for this duration. My package of study also contains one of my favourite intertidal creatures, the hermit crab, which I hope to record a lot of.